Questions You Might Have About Staying in a Caravan Park

Staying in a caravan park is a great way to spend your holidays; it's often very affordable, and you don't need to worry about the conditions of your accommodations since having a caravan means bringing your accommodations with you! Note a few questions you might have about staying in a caravan park and be sure you discuss these with a potential park before you arrive so you won't have any surprises for your next trip.

1. Ask about check-in and departure times

Just like staying in a hotel, there may be check-in and departure times you're expected to observe when staying at a caravan park. The park may need time in the morning to ensure a space is cleaned and ready for the next visitor, so you may not be able to check in before the early afternoon. They may also expect you to depart at a certain time in the morning so they can do the same thing for their next guests. Always ask about these times rather than assuming you can show up and leave whenever you want.

2. Ask about pets and visitors

Caravan parks may limit the types and number of pets you're allowed, and they may also have rules for keeping a dog or cat with you when you visit the park. You may also not be allowed visitors or there may be limits as to the number of visitors you can have while at the park. Don't make assumptions about either of these but instead ask the park their rules and restrictions before you arrive.

3. Ask about dump stations and full hookups

A full hookup caravan park means that your water lines are connected to water lines in the park, so when you turn on the faucet or flush the toilet, everything drains away through the sewer lines rather than into your caravan's tanks. A dump station is a place where you can empty your caravan's tanks. A caravan park might have both full hookup facilities and dump stations, but some that are full hookup might not provide the dump station, as they would assume their guests won't need them. Always ask if there is a dump station in a caravan park and, if not, ensure your tanks are emptied before you arrive.

4. Ask about fires and barbecues

If you love a campfire when on holiday and you also love cooking on a barbecue, don't assume that every caravan park will allow these. There may be regulations against campfires in certain parks and they may not want the mess and danger of outside barbecues. If you want to cook outdoors or have a campfire, be sure you check on this before booking your stay.

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