Five Dog Friendly Amenities Your Dog Will Love the Next Time You Travel

If you are travelling with your dog, you need more than just a hotel that allows dogs. You need a hotel that caters to them. Wondering what sort of features you and your pup might enjoy? Check out these possible amenities, and look for them the next time you travel:

1. Full facility access

If you are travelling with your dog, you don't necessarily want to leave him behind in the room all the time, while you do other things. To avoid that, look for a hotel that welcomes dogs into its restaurants or bars, as well as its swimming pool areas. Note that unfortunately, it's difficult to find hotels that allow dogs to swim in the pool -- their hair can create substantial filtration and pool cleaning issues.

2. Nearby or on-site activities for dogs

To make sure your dog has as much fun as possible, you should investigate what the area offers for dogs. For example, you may want a hotel with a dog-friendly beach within walking distance. In other cases, you may prefer to stay at a resort-style hotel with expansive grounds that include lots of areas to walk your dog on paths, along rivers or through grassy parks.

If the hotel offers concierge services, make sure they concierges are knowledgeable about local activities for dogs. That can be a valuable resource when you are trying to find dog-friendly fun. Ideally, you want maps of nearby walks, tips on local groomers, and someone who will schedule services for your pup as desired.

3. Dog sitting or other services

If you want to get out on your own, you may want to look for a hotel that offers dog sitting services. For a bit of pampering, look for hotels with dog groomers on staff so your dog can relax with a bit of "spa" time.

4. Doggy dinners and snacks

In addition to relaxing, trying new foods is another great part about travelling. Let your dog in on the fun by choosing a hotel that has doggy dinners or snacks. Some hotels make homemade dog dinners from protein-filled steaks and chicken, while others offer fun snacks such as organic pig's ears.

5. Social events

Of course, it's also fun to meet others while you travel, and in most cases, your dog probably feels the same way. To facilitate your dog's social life, look for a hotel that has a dog park for dogs to frolic, or one that has planned activities for dogs to do together.

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