Ways to Make Your Next Business Trip Less Stressful

If you find your job is requiring more and more travel and you find the idea of a business trip incredibly stressful, read on for some ways you can make travelling easier and as stress-free as possible!

Have a designated toiletries bag

Instead of packing a toiletries bag every time you travel, have one set aside that contains travel sizes of all the essentials, such as shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream etc. That way, when a trip comes up you can just throw the bag into your luggage without a second thought. 

Use travel apps

There are many travel apps on the market designed for travellers, from flight trackers to car rental price comparisons and restaurant reviews; download a few before you set off and you should feel like a local once you reach your destination. A great app to download for business travellers is an expenses app that will allow you to take photos of any out-of-pocket receipts; this way, you won't have to carry around a load of receipts with you and you'll have everything saved safely in one place.

Choose accommodation that is business-friendly

Business travellers are big news for the hospitality industry, and hotels and motels are really stepping up to the plate by investing in features to attract them. Therefore, it should be easy to find accommodation that will work for you. Look for features such as reliable Wi-Fi, multiple power sockets (so that you can plug in all your various devices -- it's surprising how few rooms provide enough power sockets for a business traveller), and an area of the room with a desk and comfy chair that is designed for use by people conducting business. Having these features at hand will take a lot of stress out of the trip as you'll be able to get work done right there in your hotel or motel room.

Create a checklist

To take the stress out of business travelling, you really need to plan, and a fully detailed checklist can really help with this. After all, when you're in a hurry it's easy to forget little things like phone chargers or headphones, things that you'll really need for your trip, so a checklist will be indispensable. Make sure everything is on there, from your toiletries bag to your pyjamas; don't leave anything to chance! As dull as it sounds, it will you mean you avoid that panicky feeling of wondering if you've forgotten something and will have a much more relaxing trip with everything you need to make it so.

Use this guide to help you prepare, and enjoy your next stress-free business trip!

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