Tips for Making Your Motel Accommodations Extra Comfy

Staying in a motel comes with lots of advantages. In addition to being one of the more cost-effective accommodations available, they're usually close to major highways. This means they're ideal for quick business trips or when you're completing a road trip that requires night stops. 

Whether you're staying in motel accommodations for the first time or not, you'll want to make the most of your relaxation period. With a few simple tips, you can ensure you enjoy an extra-comfortable stay.

Lavender Spray

Relaxing when you're away from home isn't always easy, especially if you're staying in a new place for the first time. One way to ease yourself into a sense of relaxation is by taking some lavender spray on your travels with you.

By spritzing your pillows and duvet with lavender spray, you're introducing a scent that'll help you relax. As a result, you may enjoy a comfier night's sleep.


Most modern motels will do all they can to make sure you're not disturbed by any noise. But if you're a light sleeper and you're not used to being near a road, you may need a little help.

By wearing a pair of earplugs, you'll block out some of the noise that could disturb your sleep. While foam earplugs have a light fit, silicone and wax act as barriers to a lot of noise. Try to avoid reusing earplugs, as you don't want to develop any infections.

Eye Masks

Again, decent motel accommodations will feature curtains that block out a lot of light. If you find one with blackout blinds, you may not need to worry about disrupted sleep at all.

Sometimes, though, light may leak through. This is especially the case when you're trying to sleep during the daytime. By taking an eye mask that isn't too tight, you can filter the light out further and make snoozing easier. 


If you're staying in a motel for a brief period and you want to make sure you get as much rest as possible, pack food and drinks. Being able to access light snacks while you're in your room means you won't need to leave for supplies. 

If there are any drinks that act as a part of your bedtime routine at home, make sure you take them with you too. By making it easier to stick to your home comforts, you'll enjoy a cosy stay that prepares you for hitting the road again when you leave.

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