Two Facts About Holiday Parks That Might Surprise You

Here are some facts about holiday parks that might come as a surprise to you.

You don't have to be 'outdoorsy' to enjoy staying in one

Many people who have come across beautiful-looking holiday parks online have dismissed the idea of staying in them because they assume that they are not sufficiently 'outdoorsy' to enjoy visiting this type of place. If this is a thought you've had, you should reconsider going to one of these parks.

A holiday park break can be as easy and comfort-filled or as basic as you want it to be. You can, for example, take a tiny tent and the barest essentials with you, and view your stay as an adventure, during which you make do with very limited resources, enjoy simple campfire meals and sleep as close to the ground as you can without lying down on the grass. Conversely, you can stay in a holiday park's fanciest cabin or static caravans (or bring your own enormous tent), stuff your cooler box full of rich, delicious foods and spend your nights' sleeping on a real mattress (inside the cabin or caravan) or on a luxury inflatable one.

The latter will be just as good as the accommodation you'd be provided with at a decent hotel; however, the difference is that in a holiday park, you'll wake up to, for example, birds singing and hopping around right outside your tent or cabin, and will get to do all of your usual holiday activities whilst surrounded by beautiful natural features like a lake or a lush green forest.

You can have a lovely, romantic couples' holiday in one of these parks

Many couples think holiday parks are for families and that it would be impossible for them to have a romantic trip at one of these places like they might be able to at a hotel. In reality, whilst many holiday parks are popular with families, there are plenty of them which cater mainly to solo holidaymakers and couples. These ones tend to be very serene and have the perfect peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views needed for a romantic break.

Even if you were to go to a park with your partner which catered to lots of families, you could still make this trip romantic and cosy, by selecting a quiet, pretty and secluded spot on the park's spacious grounds for your tent and steering clear of its fun-but-busy amenities, such as its swimming pool or games room.

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